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The Source of Our Problems

On the long-term basis we are our own worst enemy. Until there is an awakening we constantly do things that are contrary to our own benefit. Like, habitually repeating behaviors that we know to be detrimental in some way like getting a tan in a blistering sun, or smoking and not going for a yearly checkup. The real damage we cause ourselves concerns a continuing indifference to our personal growth – the process of maturing.

What is this business called maturity anyway?

The following is excerpted from Wikipedia on “Maturity of Mind And Behavior.”


The Oxford Dictionary defines the word “maturity” as “deliberateness of action, mature consideration, due deliberation, fullness or perfection of natural development, ripeness, due promptness, the state of being complete, perfect, ready,” and so on. This is the literary definition.

Physical Growth vs Mental Growth

We all know what complete physical growth means. It is easy to understand because physical growth is visible, measurable and does not continue beyond a particular age.
However guarded an individual is and however mature he is mentally, at times he is bound to yield under pressure and show signs of immaturity. From time to time we make wrong decisions or display inappropriate behavior. This is very human and not abnormal. In a way it is also helpful, especially when we let out our emotions.

What is maturity?

Maturity needs not necessarily come with age, but with awareness and understanding and cognitive experience. In an individual, it develops to the extent he is free from his irrational thoughts, beliefs, prejudices, notions and emotions.
Here is a brief description of what a mature person is.
A mature person:

  1. Is concerned with facts,
  2. goes by his experience rather than beliefs,
  3. relies upon his reason rather than his emotions,
  4. uses his resources wisely according to the realistic needs and demands of the situation
  5. weighs a situation carefully before drawing conclusions
  6. Lives in the present
  7. is open-minded, willing to learn and explore
  8. other possibilities, considers alternatives
  9. knows his limitations
  10. flexible
  11. is spontaneous
  12. has a healthy sense of self

These are traits we would all like to possess.

How to reach for these attributes is what Emotional Balance is dedicated to. The plan is to follow the suggestions given in the AA Steps and get their desired results by using the Enneagram to interpret what is happening in our heart, mind, and gut, while all this is going on. With continued use of these two tools Emotional Balance will explain the process of reaching maturity for all the nine types of humans.


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