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The Family Afterward

the family afterwardThis discourse is about the usefulness of the Emotional Sobriety approach.

Each of the 5 Phases are a source of insight into the problems innate to each of the nine personalities. By far the biggest advantage to this system is the ability to have the therapist and the patient on the same page of a book they both own. At present the counselor interviews the patient, matches an interpreted view of the information to the DSM IV and attempt to apply an interpretation of that book to see how well it applies.  The information is not shared nor tested for accuracy.

In our scenario the patient is given a Personality Typing Test to determine his or her personality that they both agree on. From then on he rules of discovery are fixed and the personality traits are what the client must face up to. In no time the Phase to be embarked upon is chosen and the proper AA Steps to be worked on become apparent. There is little wiggle room for the client to use to deny the circumstances. The problems are spelled out and the client either works with them or is faced with the reality that the Step they are working on too advanced and some adjustments must be made. Sooner or later the time comes for the individual to face the seriousness of his problem. Understanding the depth of the addiction if primary in making real progress.

The next big advantage is the ease with which this can be translated into solving the family dynamics that flare up as the patient changes and the family struggles to understand what is happening. By explaining the problems that a certain personality faces, the spouse is and the client are better equipped to deal with the difficulties. For the first time ever in most cases this family group now functions with enhanced empathy for one another. Finally a system of recovery and personal growth has been established within the individual that can be restarted or enhanced without the need of new preliminary sessions in the future.

Emotional Sobriety/Balance can adapt to any psychological language or be used in coordination with other self-help thinking such as SMART Recovery, SOS or Women in Recovery.

Finally there is no ceiling to the system.

Welcome to Emotional Sobriety

Emotional Sobriety is about bringing the Twelve Steps of AA and the Enneagram together. If you're new here, start by reading the blog post entitled "This What I Learned." That article will give you a comprehensive view of ES and will inform future browsing on this site. Questions, comments or violent disagreements are all welcome - please use the "Contact Us" page.

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